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AHL (Almasafat Holdings Limited) formerly known as NYC INC LTD in 2001, exporting the commodities to Africa and the Middle East (including shoe polish, tint, tooth-brush, toilet soap, toothpaste, wig, etc) and catching up with Asia-Africa trade’s golden development period, AHL is the earliest on-line Trustpass member of Alibaba Gold Supplier , achieved by the transformation from traditional firms to B2B Internet trading . Its products prevail among many African and the Middle East regions and established African local famous brands GORONA (toothbrush), NEUROGESIC (daily supplies), JM TRUST(jewelry), especially in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Sudan, Malawi, etc. AHL has established good reputation in the local markets, and gradually expanded target markets to the UK, France, the US and other African-American markets. In October 2005, Almasafat Holdings started to engage in cassava complete food processing equipment (automatic, cleaning, peeling, slicing(4mm*4mm), cooking, seasoning, baking, packaging) as African technology company. Since the beginning of 2007, Almasafat Holdings has cooperated with one of Africa’s largest agriculture companies ETC, for R&D and installation of complete sets of food processing machinery to Tanzania, Kenya, and to assist establishment of rice production line in Malawi, AHL team was met by the Minister of Agriculture of Malawi.  Almasafat Holdings set up Office in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 2010, has established a long-term partnership with PJM company. In 2011, Almasafat Holdings established offices in Nanjing, China, and become the exclusive agency of CAMC Truck in Sudan. and actively participate in the construction of Sudan Khar-toum region, while signing purchase orders with SANY to enter Sudan market. In 2012, Almasafat Holding established business relations with Africa’s richest family, Nigeria DAN-TATA family, provided the latest architecture and protective equipment solutions for DAN-TATA. In 2013, Almasafat Holdings cooperated with China listed companies and large enterprises such as SANY, CAMC, Dandong Huanghai, Shanghai CTC, etc, signed cooperation agreement or memorandums to set up sales companies and representative offices in Africa. Looking forward to the future, we will insist the dream of creating globe value chains, to realize package solutions in the field of agriculture, new materials and new energy.    



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